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world : ancient Greek κόσμος

1. The Universe
2. The planet Earth
3. People, society
4. Any group of people
5. Guests
6. Worldly as opposed to monasticism
7. (Obsolete) Ornament

  Jewelry - unique, sensual and inspirational!
  Get an exotic object ...

  Enter and close the door behind you!

 Once discovered - "THE COSMOS JEWELRY SHOP" is a goldmine with the most incredible ethnic objects from around the world.

 His love for jewelry Nikos related to his artistic nature and special character. Early began to practice assembling, designing and jewelry exhibition and through repeated trips to the countries of East and Africa drew inspiration and creativity.

 Always knew how to select and combine the finest materials and to transform them into pieces of art. Often the search, resourcefulness and the ability to bring out even the humblest materials, led to the creation of original collections of jewelry and artwork. In terms of beauty, art and history of each object, these unique collections exude admiration and respect.

 His love for art led him in 1998 to create a unique exhibition space,the COSMOS JEWELRY SHOP, in the traditional village of Lindos. To obtain such an object, one does not need to travel to distant places of the East, only to visit our showroom and pick out a unique piece of nature!